Express Yourself Creatively provides creative arts therapies and is operated by Lissette Endacott on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

Lissette is a qualified Art Therapist holding a Masters of Art Therapy (AThR, UWS) and an Educator (B.A dip.Ed UNSW). She has many years experience of walking with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, through her work in schools, charities, theatre, film, TV and mental health hospitals.


Lissette believes that counselling, using creative materials in a playful way, draws out deeper feelings and experiences that facilitates healing. Creative arts therapies are suitable for all people who are willing to explore feelings, issues, goals and thoughts through a creative medium. Lissette herself has benefitted personally from participating in creative arts therapy and continues to use the arts for problem solving and maintaining her wellbeing. 

Services can be provided face to face at the Forest Community Arts Centre, 6 Darley Street, Forestville, Online via the Zoom platform and at your  organisation's location. 



As a result of trauma and bereavement, I had blocked off my emotions for many years. Lissette worked closely with me until the breakthrough came and encouraged me (using gardening to pottery) to get in touch with my emotions and to find ways to express them in a healthy way.


I found the drama days very helpful! I realised how my love for creativity was linked to an ability to perform in an acting capacity because of the safe environment Lissette created.



I am truly grateful to Lissette for being there to help me take that first step, to open my heart and embrace my creativity. I now understand her deep passion in communicating healing through arts, creativity and drama, and firmly believe many will benefit from her efforts, compassion and commitment.